Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Wanting to transform your bathroom can be challenging. Not knowing where to start is the first mountain that most home owners have to climb. Luckily, we have some great architects that know how to put your dreams into a design. They take your vision and provide you with a 3D example of what your renovation will look like.

Once our amazing architects have helped to put your vision to paper, it’s now time to make it a reality. Our team of experts will come together, and offer a variety of samples for you to choose from. A few things that you get to decide are the colors of the walls. Would you like it be an off white? Or perhaps you enjoy the luxury of gold or maybe the cool feel of teal. You also get to choose the style of countertop you’d like to have in your bathroom. Now, it’s not only picking granite, quartz or marble. There’s also the options of: single or dual sinks, sunken or above sinks. These options will help show off the style that’s right for you.

When you’ve decided these few things, we get to go over the exquisite bathtubs and extraordinary showers. Have you considered a Jacuzzi tub? Or maybe you’d like a claw foot style bathtub. All these are great choices. Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with what you like. Think about a waterfall shower, or dual shower heads. The decision is yours to make. We’re here to help.

100% Custom Satisfaction

Isn’t it fun making dreams into realities? We think so and so do our customers. See what they have to say about our past work.

Bernadette W.

“For the most part, I’ve been living in my dream home for the past 2 years. But the bathroom was lacking something. It wasn’t up to par with the rest of the house. Not sure if the previous owners didn’t care or if they actually liked it this way. Me, I wasn’t a fan. So after talking with the architects here, they assured me that my desired bathroom can be built. They were right. This team transformed my bathroom into a masterpiece. Now every part of the house looks spectacular.”

Howard G.

“I’ve lived in the same house for decades and I want to pass it onto my children to enjoy. The main issue with it though, was the bathroom…at least it was. Thanks to Annapolis Bathroom Solutions, my house has never looked better! They even installed one of those jacuzzi tubs. I feel like I’m at a resort every time I step into my bathroom. Thanks for everything.”

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Bathroom Hardware

Though some may not notice the hardware attached to the bathroom walls, our employees take pride in making sure that these pieces show off the splendor of our client’s vision. Whether it’s brass, copper, stainless steel, or another choice of metal, you can be assured that we offer bathroom hardware of the highest quality. Take a look here, by clicking below.

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