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Seeing the same bathroom day in and day out can be tiresome. Causing you to feel like you’re in a slump when all you’d like to do is relax. We can help with that. Our company offers bathroom remodeling Annapolis MD to help bring the relaxing atmosphere that you need. Think of a spa, when you go in, aren’t you expecting a rewarding experience? Here at Annapolis Bathroom Solutions, we ask, why can’t you have that experience at home?


With the bathroom renovation Annapolis MD that we provide, you’ll feel like you’re waking up in that luxurious hotel that you’ve always dreamt of. Consider in your home having an elegant shower system that allows you to sit on a comfortable shower bench. Visualizing the granite countertop that you’ve always imagined. We will turn your bathroom remodeling Annapolis MD dreams into reality.

You get to have your choice of:

  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • and more.


Here we don’t just daydream, we give you the elegance that you deserve. Feel free to browse our many exquisite services and impressive bathroom design Annapolis below.

About Us

Our team in bathroom remodeling Annapolis MD comprises the most talented carpenters, stone craftsmen, and professionals that Annapolis has to offer. They join together on a daily basis to make sure that our clients receive the best professional service. Whether it’s for an installation of the finest bathroom accessories or a complete transformation. You won’t find a better group of people that are reliable and offers quality to match. But how did we create such a magnificent team?

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When searching for services of Design, Remodel, and Maintenance you will find we are the premium bathroom contractor Annapolis offering the Best Value For Your Money than any other provider in the area!

You have a choice between us and our competitors when it comes to remodeling your bathroom since other providers in this field give clients a bad experience and just try to rob them of their money. We don’t hide anything from you, offer the best quality work – bathroom remodeling Annapolis – with the least money!

Why Bathroom Remodel Matters to Your Home

A remodeled bathroom will make your home a more comfortable and inviting place. Bathroom renovations are also an attractive investment for prospective buyers. A well designed, functional bathroom can add to the value of your property while improving the aesthetic appeal. Potential buyers will notice that you have put in the effort to improve your home’s quality and curb appeal with a remodel.

The general consensus on how important a bathroom is varies among people but it all comes back to one main point: it’s a space that is often neglected until something goes wrong, usually when there’s an emergency or you are tired of having guests over because they refuse to use the guest bathroom. Regardless, we all need to use the bathroom so it is imperative to pay attention to the following aspects of bathroom remodeling Annapolis MD:


Most people think that a remodeled bathroom will just make their space more pleasing to look at but it can also be more functional. Additionally, small spaces will benefit from a new layout and design. Smaller bathrooms are often cramped so there’s little space for both people and furniture. The bathroom remodeling Annapolis will give you more space to add things like a larger shower area, book shelves or towel racks. Remodeling your design can also remove elements that were not useful in the first place so they can be replaced with something more functional such as an extra sink near your toilet which is often used when getting ready for the day.



When people are asked to describe their ideal bathroom, most mention a couple of things: comfort and luxury. A nice walk in shower with a rain head is an excellent way to make your bathroom more comfortable, especially if you do not have a lot of space available. Another option is to add something like a nice tub to your bathroom. This is especially popular if you are remodeling an old house or for people who live in colder climates as it’s ideal for taking hot baths.



A clean and sanitized bathroom is much more pleasant to use so you will want to pay attention to the following aspects of a bathroom remodel:

  1. Bathtub – Some bathrooms are smaller than others or just have less space available for additional fixtures like a tub but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the many benefits of a nice, warm bath. Adding a jetted tub allows you to soak in hot water without taking up too much space.
  2. Shower- The bathroom is one place where we wash away stress and relax so it’s important to have adequate lighting and space for showering. For small bathrooms, it’s ideal to create a shower with multiple heads so it offers the same amount of space as a large, single head.
  3. Sinks- There are several sink options: vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks or pedestal sinks; however, they all offer similar functionality with different aesthetics so it’s up to you which one fits your preferences.
  4. Tile- Your bathroom is a sponge for water so it’s important that your tile is waterproof and resistant to mold growth because other materials like wood are more susceptible to damage from moisture. You can have tiles installed along with your bathroom remodel or you can do it yourself.
  5. Accessories- Finally, accessories like towel racks, toilet paper holders and a magazine rack add to your comfort level when using this space so be sure to include them in the remodel.


For people who are looking for bathroom remodeling Annapolis, it’s important to get started right away. The longer you wait to get your bathroom remodeling Annapolis MD done, the more likely you will experience issues with plumbing or other fixtures that need updating. Our professionals at Annapolis Bathroom Solutions are ready to help you get started on the bathroom of your dreams. Call today!

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Isn’t it fun making dreams into realities? We think so and so do our customers. See what they have to say about our past work.

Bernadette W.

“For the most part, I’ve been living in my dream home for the past 2 years. But the bathroom was lacking something. It wasn’t up to par with the rest of the house. Not sure if the previous owners didn’t care or if they actually liked it this way. Me, I wasn’t a fan. So after talking with the architects here, they assured me that my desired bathroom can be built. They were right. This team transformed my bathroom into a masterpiece. Now every part of the house looks spectacular.”

Howard G.

“I’ve lived in the same house for decades and I want to pass it onto my children to enjoy. The main issue with it though, was the bathroom…at least it was. Thanks to Annapolis Bathroom Solutions, my house has never looked better! They even installed one of those jacuzzi tubs. I feel like I’m at a resort every time I step into my bathroom. Thanks for everything.”

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