Bathroom Faucets & Sinks

The faucets and sinks of a bathroom can leave a lasting impression of the type of details that you pay attention to. Though don’t limit yourself to what’s in style currently. Find your style and show it off. If you enjoy touches faucets and would like the elegance of it in your own bathroom, we can offer that to you. Perhaps you prefer the classic look and would like to show off your minimalistic way.

Having an above countertop sink is becoming an increasing trend. Not only does it give off the elegance feel, but it also brings back the look from an English cottage. Others may appreciate the rustic approach and go for a brass style with the above sink. Even if you don’t have an above sink option, our top-notch crew will customize a countertop for you (see below for more info).

Something to consider for a smart home is touch-free faucets. Everyone enjoys being safe in an un-sanitized world, our automatic features helps to do just that. You won’t have to worry about unwanted germs getting on your hands. Simply wave your hand underneath the faucet to enjoy the refreshing water. Once you’re done, remove your hand from under the faucet and it automatically turns off for you. This is a must for anyone creating their desired smart home.

Our experts provide high-quality materials for your faucets and sinks. If you prefer the typical hand control faucets, we will take that desire and provide the same exquisite design as we do with all our services.

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Bathroom Countertops

The countertops set the tone for an elegant bathroom. That’s typically one of the first things that you see when you enter a bathroom. So why wouldn’t you want the highest quality of materials representing it? We offer delightful choices of materials: Marble, Quartz, Granite, and more. Here you’re not just envisioning a spa, you get to have one of your very own. Find out more by clicking below.

Bathroom Cabinetry

Having a luxurious style of cabinetry is a great way to enjoy even the storage space of a bathroom. Being able to delight in the marvelous woodworking of our craftsmen is definitely a treasure to behold. At Annapolis Bathroom Solutions, our crew takes pride in the work they put in. By showing off their skills, thousands of people have enjoyed the various styles of cabinetry that we offer. To get a closer look, click below.

Bathroom Hardware

Though some may not notice the hardware attached to the bathroom walls, our employees take pride in making sure that these pieces show off the splendor of our client’s vision. Whether it’s brass, copper, stainless steel, or another choice of metal, you can be assured that we offer bathroom hardware of the highest quality. Take a look here, by clicking below.

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